"Half me, half cube” ("Mitad you, mitad cubo") is a series of images that came to me (title included) during a feverish night, lying half-awake, half-asleep in bed. These struck me so vividly that I just had to get up and grab a pen to capture all that was flashing before my eyes. At that time I was under the mild torment of having to come up with ideas for a photography project. Alas, not being at all an art-oriented guy, the pressure was building to a degree of discomfort towards the task at hand, and that was taking its toll on my otherwise very stable peace of mind.
The resulting concept fetched obscure virtual memories and visual fragments that were not easy to explain or lay down as a sequence – a bit like a puzzle. However, the following days, working with small drawings of the images in my head, they started to fall into place forming a narrative, almost like a short movie that spoke of aggression, shame and guilt, where the thread of deteriorating relationships and domestic abuse is used to connect the dots. And about the bitter emptiness that is left behind.
Madrid, June 2018