Bio: José Augusto Diniz, born in Portugal, 1972, mostly lived around Estoril ever since.
CV: "Curso de Especialización en Fotografia de Autor", Escuela Too Many Flash, Madrid, 2018; a handful of small prizes in local amateur photo competitions; a big wall covered with family pictures and a bunch of hard drives filled with crappy shots.
Artist Statement: (Bla bla bla, you know the drill.) Constantly searching for originality and profound meaning, some contemporary art seems to have drifted away from what I would think to be it's primary objective: the representation of beauty. Just beauty. Or, at the very least, something remotely interesting. However, I'm no artist nor expert, just a self-taught amateur with more cameras than talent. And I already have a family, a life, a place to be. This allows me total freedom to pursue human emotion and expressiveness, in a timeless and universal visual language, through photography (?!?). Tick the box. Next.
Proof of utter and continuing failure in such undertaking, miscellaneous zigs and zags, and other assorted bits can also be found in my Instagram feed, under the handle @egozarolho or at